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Personal Goals For Improving Skills in Face to Face Communication


This is to help you think about how you communicate with others in face to face situations. You can use it to set your own personal goals for improvement in 5 steps.

1. Read through the entire list, marking each item to show how you are doing.

2. If some goals that are not listed are more important to you than those on the list, write your additional goals on the blank lines.

3. Go back over the whole list and circle the three or four skills you believe would be most valuable for you to improve at this time.

4. With your group, discuss which items you selected. Do others agree with your priorities or do they think other skills are more important for you to improve? What is their evidence for their selection?

5. On the basis of your own judgment, now that you have heard the opinions of the others, make a final selection of the skills you most wish to improve and set some realistic goals for yourself in those areas.