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Canopy Partners With Togetherall and Adds Digital Peer Support to Their Suite of Offerings

[Portland, Oregon] – April 23, 2024] – We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between Togetherall and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider Canopy Wellbeing , meaning that many employees and other members covered by Canopy programs, will have the option to access a safe, anonymous online peer support community, alongside other support services in their plan.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Canopy Wellbeing (Canopy). has been a leader in total workplace behavioral health for over 45 years. Today, Canopy is a Total Workplace Mental Health solution, offering comprehensive services across the nation. Canopy offers an enhanced Employee Assistance Program (EAP), including mental health services, resources for life, access to digital resources, training and organizational support. Leveraging experience in the industry and commitment to innovation, Canopy serves a diverse array of workplaces and their employees in both private and public sectors.

Togetherall spoke with Anna Meiners, MA, Vice President for Customer Success at Canopy to gain insight into why she and her team chose Togetherall and what their aspirations ahead are for the adoption of digital peer support.

First and foremost: what was the challenge that caused Meiners and her team to seek out Togetherall and digital peer support?

“Canopy was seeking a new partner with innovative solutions to expand our reach and enhance our support network, especially in providing anonymous, accessible, and around-the-clock support.” Meiners said. “We recognized the need for a platform that could offer both peer support and professional oversight. Togetherall's model presented a solution to integrate into our suite of services, addressing gaps in continuous, moderated peer support and engagement.”

In speaking to why specifically peer support was the fit with their other services offered, Meiners shared, “We identified a growing demand for peer support as a complement to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offering. In recent years, the importance of fostering a sense of community and shared experiences through a peer support model has become increasingly recognized as a pivotal element in the healing process.”

Regarding the importance of the 24/7/365 clinical moderation component within the community, she went on to say, “Clinical moderation is crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of our community members. It provides a safety net that allows for open, yet secure, discussions about mental health. Clinical moderation ensures that all interactions are constructive and that users can access professional guidance when necessary. This level of oversight is vital in maintaining the integrity of the support provided and was not found in other potential providers.”

When asked of their goals and aspirations around mental health and wellbeing for their population, Meiners shared, “Our goal at Canopy is to revolutionize mental health support by making it more accessible, inclusive, and effective. We aspire to break down the barriers to mental health care, reduce stigma, and create a supportive community where everyone feels valued and understood.

She went on to say, "We partnered with Togetherall because we share a vision where mental health support is universally accessible and deeply empathetic. Together, we aim to empower individuals by providing a safe space for meaningful connections and support. Our collaboration marks a significant step towards our goal of making comprehensive mental health care a reality for everyone."

“Peer support is a critical component of the mental health support continuum, and especially important in reaching underserved populations and individuals who – for a variety of reasons – may not be comfortable reaching out to other forms of support. Togetherall complements Canopy’s EAP in that it offers an additional layer of support, allowing individuals to share experiences and solutions in a safe and moderated environment,” said Mathew McEvoy, Chief Executive Officer at Togetherall. “Partnering with Canopy gives us an opportunity to extend the work we do—offering employers the opportunity to integrate a clinically moderated support community into their organization’s comprehensive workplace wellbeing strategy, with the goal of reaching employers who don’t typically reach out for traditional forms of mental health support.

Established in 2007, Togetherall is available to more than 20 million individuals worldwide. Togetherall is the leading clinically managed, peer-to-peer, online support community where members can share what’s on their minds, anonymously, safely, and in-the-moment, 24/7/365. Members can connect through shared lived experiences with a global network of peers, backed by the safeguarding of real, live, licensed clinicians overseeing the community around-the-clock. These clinicians empower individuals in peer support and foster and maintain a safe, vibrant environment.

Canopy, based in Portland, OR, provides innovative, holistic, human-centered wellbeing solutions to over a million global members through discerning employers and health plans. Canopy breaks down barriers with heart and ingenuity for happier, healthier futures. Their comprehensive services include Personalized Virtual and Human Assisted Care Navigation, Coaching, Counseling (in-person and online), Resources for Life, Behavioral Health Risk Assessments, Digital Mental Health Hub & Resources, Organization Development, Crisis Support, Education, Discounted Wellbeing Products & Services, and Leadership Support. Elevate employee wellbeing with the next generation EAP - Canopy.