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Canopy Tech FAQs

Canopy Tech FAQs

Tech Support Frequently Asked Questions

Emails from Canopy

Why is Canopy sending me emails?
After you've registered on the Member Site, Canopy periodically will send you communication highlighting EAP benefits, upcoming webinars, and information or resources.

How do I unsubscribe?
If you wish to unsubscribe from Canopy's mailing list, click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email you received.

Canopy Member Site

My company name is not listed in the drop-down menu on the registration page.
If your organization is not listed, your benefit may be under a parent company name.

If unsure, you can contact Canopy at for assistance.

When accessing the Member Site I am receiving an error message on my computer.
It could be an issue with your cookies. First, try clearing your cookies by clicking the following link or entering the URL in your web browser:

When there are issues connecting or you receive an error message, this will usually fix it. Generally, the resolution involves clearing cookies, turning off pop-up blockers.

Or, it could be a technical issue with your web browser. We recommend Mozilla, Chrome, or Safari. Internet Explorer is the least preferred.

Why can't I login or why am I getting blocked?
Please try using your mobile device or a computer outside your workplace network. Some companies have fire walls that impact Member access to the site.

What do I do if I can't remember my password?
If you’ve forgotten your password, there is a ‘recover password’ link on the login page.

What do I do if I can't recover my password or can't remember my username?
If you can’t recover your password or you’ve forgotten your username, you can re-register with a new, unique username OR we can assist with locating your username or password. Contact with the following information: First and last name, email address, your employer name, what you think your username might be, and your phone number.

Can my family members create their own account?
Yes, family members can create their own accounts by going to and clicking on ‘register account’. Family members will use your company name to register.

Canopy EAP App

Do you have an App?
Members can download this app for free by searching “Canopy EAP” in the Apple App store or Google Play.

If you’ve previously registered for the Member Site you will use the same login credentials to login to the Canopy EAP app.

New users can register on the Canopy EAP App using a unique username, password, and your company code.

I have the Cascade EAP App, will that still work for me?
If you have the “Cascade EAP” App, please delete and reinstall the “Canopy EAP” App from Apple or Google Play.

WholeLife Directions

I am trying to access WholeLife Directions, what is my Access Code?
If your employer has selected WholeLife Directions as part of your benefit plan, the access code is your company name in most cases.

Is there a WholeLife Directions App?
Yes, search “WholeLife Directions” in the Apple app store or Google Play.

Does my company have access to the WholeLife Directions program?
Login or register on the Member Site to confirm your benefits.

Resources / Benefits

I am trying to access online legal or financial tools, how do I do that?
Login or register on the Canopy EAP App or Member Site to access free online legal tools, financial resources, connect with an attorney or financial coach.


What is my company name? I am trying to access LifeBalance, do I have this benefit?
Login or register on the Member Site or Canopy EAP App to confirm your benefits.

If your employer has selected LifeBalance as part of your benefit plan, the access code is your company name in most cases.

Access Gym Membership Discounts

I am trying to access my EAP Gym Membership Discount how do I do that?
Login or register on the Member Site or Canopy EAP App to confirm your benefits. You can then find the gym membership discounts under the “My EAP Benefits” tab.


How do I find or register for a webinar?
You can find a list of EAP Member webinars and registration links at

Webinars on-demand and training courses are available through the Canopy EAP App or Member Site. Login or register and select the Webinar & Training Center tile.

Are webinars recorded?
Most webinars are posted on Canopy's YouTube Channel within a couple of days of the live broadcast.

You are also welcome to register (even if you know you can’t attend) and you will be sent a recording after the webinar has aired.

I am supposed to be attending a webinar now and I am having technical difficulties?
Access links can be found at

For other technical difficulties (i.e., can’t hear the presenter), please enter a question within the Webinar to alert the presenter.

If you are having continued technical difficulties or your question is not answered here, please email for assistance.