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Employers Save $10.5 Million in Employee Costs

PORTLAND, OR. – Canopy, Inc., Employee Assistance Program, (Canopy EAP) announced today that, in 2008, employers under contract with Canopy EAP realized a 4:1 Return on Investment (ROI).

Canopy EAP provides a variety of counseling, assessment, and work/family/life services in response to employee concerns that may impact productivity on the job such as life stress, family problems, relationship difficulties, financial challenges, parenting, work conflict, and other issues.

Canopy EAP extracts data from evidence–based studies on lost productivity due to personal issues to calculate each group's Return on Investment (ROI). Sources include the US Department of Labor, Journal of the American Medical Association, and the Disease Control Priorities Project. These statistics are applied to each employer groups' presenting problems and the savings data is available to the employer each month in a detailed utilization report.

David Burn, a licensed mental health counselor and Canopy's Senior EAP Consultant, notes that “sixty–eight percent (68%) of all clients resolve their presenting concerns using Canopy's EAP services, with no need to access ongoing medical or mental health services.” As healthcare costs escalate, EAP plays a key role in increasing employee productivity, reducing absenteeism, managing the costs associated with health care coverage, and reducing out–of–pocket expenses for medical and mental health services.

Burn reports “Seventy percent (70%) of all healthcare costs go toward preventable illnesses. Employers have a need to know that a well–utilized EAP pays for itself many times over by reducing healthcare expenditures –– for the employer as well as for employee families.”

Canopy, Inc. is a privately held national firm headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1975, Canopy provides a variety of services to public and private organizations including: Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), Work/Life Services, Wellness Programs, Organizational Development, and Executive Coaching.

For additional information about Canopy's ROI formula, about Wellness services as part of an EAP, or about Employee Assistance services in general, contact Anthony Brown, Vice President at: