How Optimism Can Improve Your Quality of Life

January is International Quality of Life Month. This first month of the year symbolizes a new beginning and is a great time to reflect on the quality of your life. This is personally determined, but oftentimes includes elements such as health, stability, happiness, meaning, relationships, community involvement, spirituality, and personal growth. One path we know to be helpful in improving your quality of life is to use Employee Assistance Services.

Discover how FREE and CONFIDENTIAL EAP counseling sessions can enhance your quality of life. Services are available face–to–face, over the phone, or online. What are your quality of life goals? We can help with:

–– Communication
–– Relationships
–– Professional Development
–– Health and Wellness
–– Finances
–– Work/Life Balance

Meeting with a counselor may also help you improve your outlook on life. Contact Canopy for more information!