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Our Name Has Changed, But We Haven’t

Cascade Centers has rebranded as Canopy. Be assured that this is a name change only. We have not changed ownership and our promise to you continues to include:

Innovative, human-centered wellbeing services and organizational support
Improving quality of life through emotional and responsive care
Serving people with heart, offering real solutions and experienced professionals 

Why Canopy?

While the name Cascade Centers has developed equity over time, it does not capture our evolution to a national, innovative service provider on the forefront of emotional wellbeing solutions. Canopy communicates that, no matter what the circumstances are, we've got you covered. 
From Our CEO


Member Access and User Experience

Will members use the same phone number and access points?

Yes, the phone number and text number will remain the same. Email and web access will not be disrupted with current links.

Will the member experience remain the same?

Our dedicated team of caring professionals will not change and members will experience no disruption to care. Canopy will continue to provide innovative services, that are human-centered, inclusive and equitable. 
Will I still have access to my same counselor? 

Yes. If you're currently working with a counselor, there will be no disruption to your care. 
Do I need to change my login to the member site?

If you login at Cascade Centers or, it will direct you to the right place. After 1/1, new users should visit and register with company name.
What about your mobile app?

Please search "Canopy EAP" in the App Store or Google Play for the most current version of our mobile app.

Promotional Materials

I have already completed open enrollment, will Cascade branded materials be a problem? 

No, for a transitionary period co-branding will occur both with member access points and user experience. Printed materials do not have to be replaced or pulled back. 
Are new promotional materials available? 

Our experienced Account Management and Marketing teams will make sure you have everything you need. We have Canopy materials available now and can assist you with a plan to share these with others in your organization.  


Is Cascade changing ownership or have they been bought out?

No, Canopy will maintain the same ownership and foundation that has been maintained since 1975. Our experienced leadership team will remain unchanged.

Why am I hearing this now?

Our strategic roadmap for 2021 included the goal to re-brand. Since that time we have engaged in market research, a brand and cultural audit, stakeholder interviews, and competitive review. We are excited to take the next step forward with this initial announcement.

What about our contract with Cascade Centers? 

Cascade Centers will be dba as Canopy, there are no contractual changes that need to take place currently.