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5 Podcasts About Women at Work to Change How You Show Up

Mikaela Kiner
Professional women and their male advocates are constantly looking for ways to increase gender equality and speak out against sexism at work. There's finally a lot being said on this topic, making it nearly impossible to keep up with the abundance of resources including books, articles, tweets, meet–ups, accelerator programs, and more.When you're impatient to learn and short on time, podcasts are an excellent and sometimes forgotten option. Whether you are listening in the car on the way to work, at the gym, or while taking a long walk on the weekend, podcasts are a new(er) medium that is full of timely content, and perfect for busy multi–taskers. Here's where I've been getting my tactics lately:Battle Tactics for Your Sexist Workplace: The workplace was not designed for moms. In this honest and emotional podcast about how women survive, and battle, in their workplace the hosts tackle head on motherhood at work, gender pay equity, and how the oppressive norms of the past hurt us all. Check out this episode to deepen your understanding of how mothers are seen at work, and discover tactics to help you fight back.HBR Women at Work: Lead with Authenticity The HBR Women at Work podcast twists narrative with fact, bringing in incredible guests who both bare their souls and present empirical data and research. This episode is no different. In Lead with Authenticity Women at Work brings in guests Tina Opie an assistant professor of management at Babson College and Candice Morgan the head of diversity at Pinterest to have a conversation about what authenticity means, and who gets to be authentic in the workplace. Other must hear episodes include “Couples That Work” and “The Advice We Get and Give”. “This is about power dynamics. I think what women want is equity in the workplace. We want to know that if we put in eight hours, we're going to get out the same output that a man who puts in eight hours is doing if we're doing the same quality of work. Emotional intelligence enables you to be able to recognize that that is an issue and that your sister, the woman across from you, may not be seeing life the same way. ” – Tina OpieFairer Cents: Being an Ally, Part 2: How White Women Can Advocate for Women of Color. (And men, check out part 1!) In a stellar, personal, and at times heartbreaking episode the women of the Fairer Cents podcast open a conversation on what it means to be an ally to women of color. For male identifying folks be sure to check out the Part 1 of their ally series, on how you can support women online, in the workplace, and throughout your life. This episode features Kiona of How Not to Travel Like a Basic B**ch and Marivette Navarette of The Mujerista. First of All: Wait, YOU Run A Business? This one feels like a conversation with friends over brunch. Casual yet serious, co–founders and experiences entrepreneurs Jane Lee and Eva Chan, talk about being a female co–founder. Ranging from equity negotiations gone wrong, sexist remarks on phone calls, and people not believing they are indeed the co–founders of Launchpop, the two laugh and struggle through the roadblocks they face as women in business. Listen to find strength, solidarity, and the inspirational narrative of two women fighting for their place in the startup space.Fill in The Blank. #5 is your free pass. Zone out, pursue a passion, start a hobby. Choose something that isn't 100% work related, that lets your mind wander, and will therefore make you a more interesting and intelligent human being. If you don't know where to start, check out Featured and Top Rated directly from your Podcasts app. Some favorites:– The New York Times Pop Culture – Still Processing is a great start. – Nightvale – An alternate universe; laugh out loud as hooded figures roam the dog park.– This American Life – Classic yes, but never cliché. Go Ira Glass.We too are working to create healthy, inclusive cultures where women can show up and succeed as their authentic selves. If you want to increase inclusion and gender equality in your workplace contact us
Mikaela KinerMikaela Kiner, CEO & Founder of Reverb, is a native Seattleite who's spent the last fifteen years in HR leadership roles at iconic Northwest companies including Microsoft, Amazon, PopCap Games and Redfin. She has an MS in HR Management with a certificate in Organizational Development and is an ICF credentialed coach. Mikaela delivers results by building trust and engaging her clients in creative problem solving. Clients appreciate her strategic thinking and hands on execution. You can find Mikaela on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.